Workplace Harassment & Diversity Training Videos

At Endgrain Studios, we design harassment and diversity training videos to meet today’s unique workplace challenges.

As an employer, you want nothing more than to provide your staff members with a safe, comfortable working environment. This ensures the well-being of your employees and maximizes their job satisfaction – but it also helps keep you out of court.

We understand these critical goals and we know how to blend them seamlessly into engaging, informative video training programs.

Sexual Harassment Training Videos

Employers have no choice today but to eliminate sexual harassment from the workplace. To do otherwise threatens the well-being of your staff and puts you in legal jeopardy.

You have a legal and ethical obligation to provide a workplace that is free from sexual harassment. Using live-action video can help you communicate the necessity of respect and appropriate conduct. You can not only define what constitutes harassment, quid-pro-quo and other relevant concepts but you can present real-life scenarios that demonstrate both the wrong way and the right way for employees to conduct themselves in the workplace.

Using video-based training can reduce your liability by conveying the same no-tolerance message to every employee in a clear, consistent manner. And, if you have state- or industry-specific considerations that must be included in your training, our team can ensure that your programs comply with all applicable standards.

Workplace Diversity Training Programs

Another hot topic, workplace diversity is important for ethical, social and legal reasons. Embracing diversity in the workplace starts with education and live-action video is a highly effective medium for learning and retention.

When your employees respect the differences of others, it reduces the risk of bullying, intimidation, harassment and workplace violence. It also creates a stronger sense of teamwork and engagement.

Animation and video are especially effective for helping raise awareness and create sensitivity among your staff. Endgrain Studios helps you communicate that respecting diversity is not only required but it’s also right way to conduct ourselves, in the workplace and elsewhere.

Customized Videos for a Safe & Comfortable Workplace

While other methods of training – manuals, live trainers, slide decks, etc. – can do little more than “tell,” video allows you to “show.”

Research demonstrates the effectiveness of video and animation for all types of training purposes. For diversity and anti-harassment topics, this medium is even more effective as it allows you to demonstrate relatable, real-life scenarios rather than attempt to describe them.

Video also provides consistency in your training programs. This is invaluable for compliance and, should it become necessary, proving in court that you provided comprehensive diversity and anti-harassment training to your employees.

Don’t risk your employees’ well-being or your company’s future with outdated or ineffective training methods. Contact Endgrain Studios today to learn more about our affordable, effective video training programs for workplace diversity and sexual harassment.


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