Sales Training Videos

Video has been used more and more over the last 5 years in company sales cycles, but it can’t replace a good sales team. Your sales team should be your first customers–and providing them with sales training videos, sales enablement, and product demonstration videos will aid them in addressing client concerns, explaining benefits, and reaching new audiences. Whether your sales team is 5 people or 500, giving them the resources they need is the best investment your company can make.

Sales Enablement Training Videos

Sales enablement videos help salespeople with general skills, communication, product considerations, audience breakdowns, and share your company’s secret sauce for closing sales. Enablement should include a strong coordination between marketing and sales, and employee training videos are only part of a strong sales enablement strategy. That’s why you want the video team that is in charge of your video marketing also creating your sales training videos. Endgrain Studios can provide the scalable, persuasive power of video marketing and proper training on how to use it effectively to work with clients, address concerns, and close deals. No matter the size of your sales team, or the magnitude of the sales enablement task ahead of you, we can help you, using sales training videos and video content marketing for sales team members–the best combination of sales enablement you could hope for. 

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business people group with  headphones giving support in  help desk office to customers, manager giving training and education instructions

CRM, Process, and Onboarding Sales Training Videos

Modern sales teams use data, metric systems, and other company processes as much or more than they interface with clients. In addition to sales enablement training, we also create technical sales training videos, onboarding training videos, and other process-oriented employee training videos. Reduce the cost of training your sales team. Help them gain insight on the necessary tasks of their job, your expectations, and any other concerns or compliance issues that they need to be aware of. Converting your training to video, or creating a new sales training program with video, will help you scale your onboarding efforts to a sales team of any size. We can probably do it for less money than you think, and the savings you gain by automating your employee training and sales team onboarding will only grow over time. We have in-house instructional designers that can help you create employee training videos that are engaging and effective–without breaking the bank.


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