Safety Training Videos

More than ever before, effective workplace safety training is critical to your company’s future.

From the day-to-day risks of on-the-job accidents to the growing threat of workplace violence, keeping your employees safe ensures their comfort and well-being. Providing the proper training also helps reduce business risk and potential legal liability.

Using video and animation for your safety training programs is engaging and cost-effective, providing the perfect environment for learning and creating a consistent experience for every member of your staff.

The Benefits of Workplace Safety Videos

In the past, companies that required job safety training would herd a large, reluctant group of grumbling employees into a training room. After passing around some handouts, a manager would read bullet points from a PowerPoint presentation until the mercilessly long hour came to an end.

When you use video for your safety training, you gain multiple advantages over this outdated and ineffective approach.

Video is engaging and fosters effective learning as well as retention. Video is flexible too, letting you stream your training to remote locations – like your jobsites, for instance – or allow your employees to complete the training at a time and place that best allows them to learn.

Safety videos are highly cost-effective, as they can be used over and over, for new hires, refresher courses, learning reinforcement and more. And no more having to allocate valuable human and economic resources every time you need to give a training.

Industry-Specific Safety Training Programs

Endgrain Studios can help you with any industry-specific safety training you may need. Some of the most common industries we serve include electricians, warehousing and forklift operators, manufacturing and transportation. The medical and pharmaceutical industries also have specific needs for safety training

Understanding the unique requirements of your industry is the first step to ensuring that your safety programs provide the maximum return on investment – both financially and in the form of ensuring your employees’ well-being.

Our team of learning experience design and video production experts has the knowledge and experience to assist you, no matter what industry or sector you serve. We understand how to break down complex concepts and make difficult topics simple to understand and retain.

OSHA Training Videos

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) places strict workplace safety training requirements on employers through its OSHA standards.

Some of the most important general topics include how to avoid accidents on the job, how to prevent illness and injury and what to do in the event of an emergency. Other required safety training topics might include hazardous materials handling, personal protective equipment, first aid, fire safety and protection and the safe use of machinery.

Whatever your needs, Endgrain Studios will work closely with you to design OSHA training videos that ensure your compliance with the law and that get the message through to your employees.

Contact us today to learn more about our effective and affordable workplace safety videos, or to request your personalized training program consultation.


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