Product Videos

Product videos are different from other types of corporate video production, and they are an ideal way to utilize the strengths of a dedicated video studio. When trying to highlight the best aspects of your product, whether for training or marketing, you will achieve the best results by filming in a controlled environment. With our full suite of lighting, cinematic and photography lenses, grip equipment, and lighting modifiers, we can give your product an other-worldly beauty reserved for the most expensive video productions–but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Our easy pricing system can help you determine what level of video you are looking for, and achieve the best possible product video for your budget.

Product Videos for Marketing

Product videos are a great way to highlight the benefits of your product, discuss the advantages you offer over competitors, and help customers put those things in context. Rather than just showing a picture of what you offer, product videos allow you to demonstrate that the beauty of your product is more than skin deep. Product videos help you highlight the aspects of your product or company that can’t be seen on the surface, and prove the benefits work.  

Physical Products

In the world of physical product demonstration and product videos for marketing physical products - having a high-quality video provides social proof and helps potential customers evaluate the quality of your product before they interact with it in real life. Whether you want to show your product off in pure beauty shots, or talk about how it can change your customers' lives (or both), a video from Endgrain Studios is the right way to go.

Software Products

Because software products are so abstract, having a video to demonstrate features and how the software interacts with and affects the real world is necessary to attract users. Use a software product explanation video to show features, announce releases, demonstrate benefits or functionality, and educate your potential customers.

Product Videos for Training

Employee training videos are often overlooked but they are a necessary resource in any company. As your team grows, changes, or you have updates to your product, you are going to need to keep your employees in the loop. Training videos are the only scalable solution that offers the ability to demonstrate every aspect of your product to employees. By using product videos in your employee training, you empower them to further sell and support your product line–which saves money and increases revenue later on.


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