Onboarding & New Hire Training Videos

Did you know that well-produced onboarding and new hire training videos can help improve your company’s bottom line? Onboarding employees is expensive and time consuming when your HR team must perform training over and over. Creating a video to automate this process saves your staff valuable time and therefore decreases your costs.

Endgrain Studios works closely with businesses of all sizes and types, to design and produce customized video for use in the onboarding process. Effective, engaging new hire training increases engagement and reduces costly turnover – a significant threat in the early stages of employment.

Our goal is to create a peak employee experience from Day 1, and set the stage for keeping every new staff member engaged and excited about coming to work for you.

Video-Based Onboarding Helps You Retain Top Talent

Recruiting and hiring the best employees is only a small part of business success. Once you have great talent onboard, you need to keep them, and the onboarding process is critical for retention.

New hires pose a high risk of leaving in the first 30 to 45 days of employment. In other words, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Onboarding and training a new employee can cost you up to 50% of more of their annual salary – so it makes good financial sense to avoid turnover.

Using animation and video in the new hire training process demonstrates a commitment to your employees’ success – especially when you compare it to handing them an employee manual and sending them on their way.

The Best Way to Onboard & Train New Hires

Failing to provide comprehensive onboarding for new employees is one of the top drivers of turnovers and attrition. Today’s workers demand transparency from their employer. They want to understand the company’s purpose and how they, in their new role, will contribute to its future. Employees need to understand the culture of the organization and quickly become integrated into the team.

Video communicates these critical concepts, almost as effectively as if you personally took the time to onboard and train every new hire. You will give them the tools they need to be successful in their job and perform at the height of their abilities, and nothing communicates culture better than a video presentation.

Whether you prefer animation, live-action video or a combination of the two, Endgrain Studios will help ensure that you hit the high notes, and show every new employee not only what they need to know but why they want to forge their future with your company.

Automate Your Onboarding Process Today

The modest investment you make today in new hire training program and onboarding videos will pay for itself over and over in the coming years.

Not only will you ensure that every employee receives a comprehensive onboarding experience, but you won’t have to allocate precious company resources to handle these tasks. Video-based training provides a consistent experience for every employee while ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of future liability. If your company is growing, you cannot afford to complete an in-person onboarding every time you have a new hire.

Automating your new hire processing also gives you greater flexibility, especially if you have remote employees, work-from-home team members or multiple locations. You can centralize the process to screen on demand or use your videos in a more traditional sense, in your office conference or training room.

Contact one of our experienced team members today to learn more about how we can help you retain top talent, reduce turnover, and save training costs with video onboarding and new hire training.


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