Marketing & Social Media Videos

There are two types of marketing and social media videos that Endgrain Studios regularly produces: commercials and social ‘webisodes’ or other episodic content. With video commercials, the purpose is to get as many eyes on your brand as possible. The platform is not near as important as the necessity that you put your best foot forward, and push your message to as many viewers as possible. With episodic content of any type, the point is video content marketing, engaging your audience, holding onto them, and providing them value outside of a purchase interaction. 

No matter what your approach, you’re going to want to create consistent, high-quality video at a budget that will leave room for promotion and Endgrain has got you covered.

Promoted Marketing & Social Media Videos

We commonly refer to these types of commercials, though the platforms where you can distribute marketing videos increase every day. Any type of promoted video is one that you are going to pay to get more eyeballs to look at. Promoted marketing and social media videos need to grab attention immediately, be memorable, eye-catching, and to convey your brand in as short a time as possible. It is also very common to create multiple variations of a single promoted social media video in order to get more life from a single shoot, perform A/B testing, or to send slightly modified messages to multiple different audiences. 

Endgrain Studios marketing videos have generated millions of views; been featured in email campaigns, social video campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; and been shown in theaters and on televisions nationwide. We partner with comedians,  social influencers, and other top talent to create stunning promoted marketing videos. 

But that’s just the first way we help your brand. Once you’ve got an interested customer, you want to hang on to them as long as possible, and for that you’re going to need episodic video content.

Episodic Marketing & Social Media Videos

The purpose of episodic video content marketing is to get and keep your customers as your followers–constantly interacting with and loving your brand. This is consistent video content that you regularly deliver through email, social media, or other marketing channels. 

Endgrain Studios does episodic content differently than other corporate video production companies. We produce video content the same way that television shows do: Shooting and editing large sets of content all at once. This way we can create efficiencies in production to reduce the overall cost of video content. 

With the right planning, we can shoot a year’s worth of social media content in just a day. Just imagine what you could do with your own television show, all about the value of your brand!

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