Leadership & Development Training Videos

We have a talent crisis in the U.S. and businesses struggle to recruit and hire the right people for their needs. This means that, more and more, employers are looking in-house for their future leaders and managers.

Although the time and investment required to develop leadership skills can be substantial, savvy employers understand that these worthwhile efforts will provide a substantial return over time.

Video and animation are two of the most effective ways to develop and train your company’s leaders and managers – both current and future. Plus, many companies are surprised to find how inexpensive video training can be.

Training Videos to Develop Future Leaders

Placing current staff members on a leadership track is not only a cost-effective way to ensure your company’s future success but it’s a fantastic employee motivation and retention tool.

Companies that always go outside to hire managers and leaders tend to have higher turnover and less employee engagement. By providing the option of learning new skills and developing new insights into being a leader, your employees will grow and thrive.

Training leaders in-house also ensures that your future managers will have developed within the unique culture of your business, best enabling them to engage and produce results for you.

Elevating the Leadership Skills of Your Staff

Providing leadership training for your existing managers benefits the entire organization. Better leaders inspire their teams to go above and beyond, creating engagement and reducing attrition. Allowing your managers to expand their skill set improves company culture as well as job satisfaction.

If you’ve considered hiring a leadership coach, you probably already know just how expensive that can be. Sending your managers to seminars and offsite training programs is expensive, has variable results, and takes them away from their team.

Developing your own video training programs addresses all of these issues. It’s affordable, effective and customized to your needs. Animation and live-action video are particularly effective for leadership development programs, as they allow for role play and provide immersive, interactive training experiences.

You can also use video and animation training programs to assess progress and reinforce learning for maximum retention.

Why Use Video for Leadership Development?

Video is widely recognized as the most effective and engaging medium for learning and retention. Video is scalable and, when you work with Endgrain Studios, highly customizable for your brand and your needs.

Using video and animation ensures that your trainings are thorough and consistent without putting additional demands on valuable company resources. You can also enjoy maximum training flexibility. Stream learning and development sessions or allow your team members to engage with their training program in their own way, to enhance its effectiveness.

You can create training and development programs that are as formal or informal as you prefer. We can help you design highly customized, interactive content to improve communication, manage change, problem solve, coach and mentor, provide feedback or develop whatever skill sets you want to focus on.

Our team works closely with you to achieve the results you seek. Our affordable pricing structure means that any business, large or small, can leverage this simple and effective training approach.

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