HIPAA & Information Security Training Videos

Companies of all sizes and types have to train their employees on Information Security–but doing so in a scalable and cost-effective way can be very difficult. HIPAA compliance is extremely important to the longevity and security of your business, but it can be complicated and difficult to train each employee with the information they actually need, and the complexity increases the more employees, roles, and security levels your organization uses. Needing to be handled both early and correctly, HIPAA training compliance can be one of the most critical employee training problems for any given organization to solve. 

Lucky for you, Endgrain is on your side.

Effective HIPAA (Information Security) Training Videos

According to the Privacy Rule, HIPAA training is required for “each new member of the workforce within a reasonable period of time after the person joins the Covered Entity’s workforce” and also when “functions are affected by a material change in the policies or procedures.” HIPAA Security training should be part of any effective onboarding, as well as annual training and updates required for each employee–but paying trainers to teach in person every time that happens gets expensive fast. 

Video production, on the other hand, only needs to be made once. Then you have an effective, scalable, and engaging training tool for teaching employees. Additionally, you can ensure that each HIPAA training course is tailored to the roles of employees attending the course. Creating a collection of training videos that are tailored to the information available to those roles, the way that the employee will be interacting with that information, and where it is stored costs less than you think. 

Previously, HR and training departments would never consider video production as a solution to HIPAA compliance requirements, but times are changing, and employee training videos and e-learning are the new norms. At Endgrain Studios, we’ve optimized our production process to create employee training videos that meet the complex needs of organizations, without breaking the bank. Our process is designed to help you create your own library of employee training videos, at a higher quality and for less money than it would cost to employ an in-house trainer, video production specialist, or to hire a standard corporate video production company. 

Videos Built for Workplace Compliance Training

Endgrain Studios was founded by instructional designers and commercial video producers with the express purpose of creating better training content, and doing so on a budget that makes sense for learning and development teams. We batch produce custom video content–whether it be training on physical services, abstract principles, or software tutorials–so that complex and difficult content is demonstrated in the most engaging and effective way. We understand the difficulties faced by modern HR, L&D, and training organizations–and we’re here to help. 

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