Employee Training Videos

For the most effective employee training, video is the preferred medium of virtually every Fortune 500 company. But you don’t have to be a large, national company to put this highly effective tool to work for you.

The advantages of video are well documented. This medium is engaging, works in nearly every training scenario, and communicates your learning and instructional purpose better than any other medium. Using video also frees up your valuable human resources, saving your company money and time.

Endgrain Studios specializes in producing professional training video programs at a price that won’t break your employee training budget.

Why Use Video for Employee Training?

If you’ve ever sat through a dry, dull training session that featured nothing more than a disinterested speaker and a PowerPoint deck – or, worse, hard-copy handouts – you know how ineffective this approach can be.

Video engages your trainees, holding their attention and providing a powerful platform for learning. Faced with a variety of media all day, every day, today’s employees are programmed to respond best to video, over virtually every other learning medium. And, when you use video programs to achieve your training objectives, you free up other resources for use in more effective ways.

Video provides an unequaled level of training flexibility. You can offer your programs through an online platform, allowing staff members to attend from anywhere in the world. You can provide self-paced programs or conduct live training sessions at your facility. Additionally, you can demonstrate actions, processes, or ideas that would otherwise be impractical in a live scenario through video demonstration or animation.

A Full-Service Digital Video Production Company

At Endgrain Studios, our team of experienced professionals brings educational programs to life through the use of live-action video and animation. We have experience in teaching, instructional design, and learning experience design.

We believe that every employer, no matter how large or how small, should have access to this powerful medium. Our innovative processes are designed to produce results and help you achieve your learning objectives. Our pricing model is designed around the content and training needs of modern companies – not the outdated production models of the past.

We put our dynamic and diverse skill set to work for you, creating the programs that communicate in a memorable and engaging way. When you choose Endgrain Studios for your video production, your employees will never dread going to training again.

Affordable Training Videos Customized for You

We can assist you with a single video or an entire series of training modules. Our products are ideal for compliance training, leadership development, practical skills development and more.

You can also use our affordable employee training videos for onboarding new employees, improving outcomes and reducing the workload of your human resources team.

Our educational design specialists work closely with you to identify your needs. We offer customized recommendations to ensure you achieve your learning and development goals for the lowest possible price. These are not generic or one-size-fits-all products; your videos will be branded and customized for your business and your specific training needs.


To learn more about Endgrain Studios or to request more information about our employee training video options, contact us today.