Corporate Branding Videos

In marketing, as with all video, presenting a consistent message, tone, and quality across all customer touch points is vital. Endgrain Studios can help you create corporate branding videos for websites, social media, email campaigns, television ads, etc. By frequently partnering with a single agency, you will be able to maintain consistency–both in messaging and quality–no matter the size of your budget or company.

Effective Corporate Branding Videos

If a picture conveys 1000 words, then video conveys 30,000 words each second. Video is the most powerful medium for communicating your corporate brand’s tone, message, and emotional core. Simply put: Video marketing is the most potent and effective form of marketing. However, you can’t just make videos and expect automatic marketing results. If done incorrectly, you’ll be presenting a compelling argument against your brand. In order to effectively use video in your corporate branding strategy, you need to maintain consistency and quality across all videos, platforms, and pages.


It’s impossible to create a clear brand when every video your customers see is different. Variations in tone, approach, presentation, and quality across videos damage your brand. Many marketing teams incorrectly assume that the more people see a single video, the higher quality it needs to be, and all other videos can be lower quality. The truth is that corporate branding is a sum of multiple parts, and so if half of your audience sees a video that is lower quality–that’s half of your audience that have damaged opinions of your brand! Every video counts. 

Endgrain Studios is built on the idea that all video content deserves attention, and can be completed at a high quality without breaking the bank. We will help you establish your video marketing brand, and that brand should be one where no matter what the context, your tone, presentation, and message are the same. We can help you create branding videos that will be consistent on any platform:

  • Website Videos
  • Television/Movie Theater Commercials
  • Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.)
  • Email Marketing


Consistency in corporate video branding and video marketing does no good if the videos are not consistently good. Many companies solve the problem of consistency by hiring in-house videographers, and then find themselves locked into the quality and schedule that individual is able to produce. Endgrain Studios has a depth and breadth of video talent that would be impractical to employ in-house, and we leverage only the teams that are needed for each project–making sure that what we do is both consistent, and consistently good. 

Imagine what you could do for your branding and marketing efforts with a full video team!


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