Video Content Marketing Services

Not only can video be used to build a following, add value to your customer base, and communicate your core values & brand, but video content is the kind of content that keeps on giving. A single video made for content marketing can be converted into multiple social media posts, blog posts, emails, website content, infographics, and e-learning content. However, many companies are hesitant to jump into the world of video content marketing, because they are worried that the cost will spiral out of control. 

That’s why you should have a studio on your side. 


Adding Value Through Video Content Marketing

Don’t know how to get started in video content marketing? Don’t know where you would come up with a year’s worth of content for your audience? Video content marketing can take many forms: Employee training videos, YouTube tutorials, entertaining office sketches, tips and tricks, personal vlogs, etc. and it’s probably easier than you think.

The best way to build an audience using video is to provide some value to your customers at no cost to them beyond their attention. Brighten their day or teach them how to do their taxes–either way you can use video to connect to your customer base, improve their opinion of your brand, and offer your other services. It’s just helping them, which is already one of the core values of your brand!

Content marketing is different from other corporate video production, because it focuses on your target market, and making their lives better using video. And when trying to use content to help your customers, video content is king.


Film 1, Publish 100

When creating video content marketing campaigns, Endgrain takes a page from the book of major television studios: We film all of our content at once, and then publish it on a schedule over time.

We use our studio to set up a single shoot, and we can record over a year’s worth of video content from that one day, saving everyone time and money. Don’t fret over how to sustain your video content marketing efforts over time, instead get it all in one shoot, publish your videos over time, and convert each video into multiple content posts. 

The resulting treasure trove of available content will help you catch the attention of your audience, persuade them to become followers, and then convert them into customers. We’ve helped companies, authors, experts, teachers, and entertainers do the same.

A few of our Employee Training video services:

HIPAA & Information Security

Onboarding & New Hire

A few of our Marketing & Social Media video services:

Product Highlight

Television Commercial Campaigns


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