Kristin Sokol

I count my lucky stars that I found Engrain Studios. Finding an affordable, talented, thoughtful, begin-with-the-end-in-mind videographer is NOT easy.

I have a small business and was in the process of producing an eCourse to better serve clients and scale my business up. I was at the point I could no longer proceed with out a videographer. I called MANY. I spoke with several. None were very responsive or showed any enthusiasm about my unique project (a dating eCourse for women over 35).

When I finally connected with Endgrain, I was so happy. I immediately knew I was talking to the right people. They asked me the right questions and made me think about the project in a new way. It was clear and easy to make the decision.

I hired them and we began the planning phase. Planning with an educated, industry expert helped my project change and improve from what I originally envisioned. They listened to what I wanted and then showed me options and allowed me the freedom to make better, more educated decisions about how to proceed.

Now, my project is complete. It’s absolutely beautiful. It came in at budget and looks better than I thought it could. It’s already making money. I know that’s because it looks so high-end. Endgrain is a great solution for anyone with a vision they want to create. Deadlines and promises were all kept.

And…they were absolutely delightful to work with. We laughed together like old friends. They held my hand through all the scary parts. Their expertise and competence really made my project pop.