Dating is personal. The approaches, emotions, and experiences we pass through as we find the people we will connect with in the most deep and meaningful ways are hallowed territory.

Kristin Sokol is a dating coach that helps people navigate this most important of life decisions, whether through in-person coaching, group seminars, or now through an exclusive online course. Her approach is personal, individual, and focuses on healthy and sustainable relationship building.

She turned to Endgrain Studios to translate her material into an online course – while preserving who she was and the unique approach her personality and background brought to the training. Video training and online courses carry so much more tone, emotion, and context than can be conveyed in plain text – and so it was a match made in heaven. Kristin is such a gifted teacher, that all we needed to do was put her in front of the camera, and her potently positive attitude permeated every part of the course.

You can view Dating Over 35: Steering the Heart and Mind Toward Love here.