Camino is a training organization that focuses on virtual employee training programs and employee training videos for the Salesforce cloud CRM. At the end of the day, Camino and Endgrain had to face the idea that Salesforce training is no one’s favorite thing — and so we collaborated to find ways to inexpensively improve the experience for our learners, without impeding access to the information that our videos were conveying.

  • Each training video was built around a function that learners would need to access, which was then cataloged and tagged in their collection of training materials so that it could be easily searched and retrieved.
  • We made the decision to add a facilitator and record him on a custom set, in order to provide a sense of brand and human connection for the learners. Typical software training videos just have voice recordings over screen capture, but because the training was about another brand’s software, we wanted to help learners remain connected to the Camino brand.
  • We added animations to direct the learners attention to portions of the screen, which was especially effective with the more complex UI of a software like Salesforce.

This video was recorded with an actor (who had no Salesforce experience) on a custom set.