About Endgrain

Navigating corporate video production vendors can be like traversing a tunnel of land mines–any mistake could result in either a terrible product, insanely high costs, or both. As a result, many teams believe that they can’t afford to make their video training and video marketing dreams into reality without hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who We Are

Endgrain is a corporate video production company built for the 21st century–we utilize new technologies, design trends, and other resources to help you find the video that you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, and at the lowest possible cost. Our videos are optimized for the web, and built using a bespoke process, which allows us to achieve a level of quality a cut above our competitors, frequently for a lower price. 

Everything we do has one purpose: increase the quality of content for video training and video marketing. Sometimes that means helping a training team work video into their solutions for the first time on a tiny budget, and sometimes that means large crews putting together a blockbuster-level commercial.

The Studio

One of the ways we are able to achieve the quality of video that we do, is by shooting video in a studio. By controlling light, the look of the set, actors, and the sound quality on our own video production studio, we can achieve better looks for less, and pass the savings on to you. This is one of many reasons that we prefer to use our studio for video production, rather than to travel and shoot our videos documentary-style. This also helps us produce a level of consistency for training videos and video content marketing that would otherwise be impossible. We can usually beat the price, quality, and volume of video produced by in-house media teams–simply because of the support infrastructure that comes with our studio. Additionally, we love being a support for existing video teams that are unable to meet the volume demand of their market. Either way, our studio sets us apart from other corporate video production companies.

High-Volume Video Orders

One of the ways that we optimize our process to create better marketing content and training videos, is to allow our customers to batch order video. Many Instructional Designers and CMO’s have been frustrated at the desire to produce YouTube channels, full e-learning courses, or consistent product demonstration videos, only to be quoted hundreds of dollars per video–which adds up quickly when you want to create hours of content. 

Having a studio in place allows us to produce video content in high volume, without drastically increasing the price–because we are able to use a single setup to film multiple videos. Without a studio, we would have to transport our equipment, and set it up over and over again for each shot we wanted to catch. Instead, we set it all up once, and then just change the things in front of the camera, whether they be actors, objects, or sets. This allows us to produce video content in high volumes, on a schedule and price that other video companies can only dream of.

A few of our Employee Training video services:

HIPAA & Information Security

Onboarding & New Hire

A few of our Marketing & Social Media video services:

Product Highlight

Television Commercial Campaigns


We'd love to talk, whether it be automating your training or giving your marketing a shot of adrenaline. We started this company to improve the quality of your video content.